Education Inspiration: Sugata Mitra’s computer in a cloud experiment

“Apart from the fact that improper replication of the DNA molecule causes genetic disease, we’ve understood nothing else.”

This was the reply Sugatha Mitra received from a 12-year old girl in a group of 26 learners who he left with a computer with information on bio-technology and nothing else, asking what they had learned after two months. The children spoke only Tamil, and the content was in English.

Repeating these experiments in multiple locations in rural settings across the world, Mitra has shown that if you inspire children’s innate curiosity and provide them access to information through a computer, children start learning in self-organising systems, becoming powerful drivers of their own education.

We are only just starting to integrate technology into our Learning Centre. But we are very excited to see what our learners come up with when we technology and curiousity meet!

Watch his TED-talk on Self-Organised Learning Environments here.


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