Education Inspiration: Acton Academy

Acton believes education happens where joy and rigour come together

A normal lesson at Acton Academy Middle School has children building Rube Goldberg machines to understand the laws of design and physics; designing a play around robotics to better understand what it means to be human, or shooting tennis balls out of projectiles to figure out parabolas. Acton believes three things about the children that walk through their doors:

  1. Every student is a genius who is destined to change the world
  2. Students should be in charge of their own learning
  3. Learning to do and Learning to be outweighs learning to know.

Using this approach has yielded amazing academic results. But it has done something far better: children at Acton cherish, and take ownership of their own learning. School is an adventure, not a chore.

We are especially inspired by Acton’s teaching practices of asking great questions, and creating education that is learner-driven. We also believe that our children are inherently capable, and our role is to guide their talent to its full potential. 

Watch this great overview of their school.



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