Internship and Volunteer positions at Streetlight – applications open!

Fun intern pic 5

Staff meeting at Streetlight Schools

Come  do meaningful work with some of the nicest people, at a gorgeous office in Johannesburg for the coolest “clients” you can imagine.

We have a revolving recruitment schedule for interns and volunteers so if any of the positions below appeal to you, please email us at Please attach your resume/CV and a motivational letter clearly indicating which post you are applying for. 

Volunteer positions are unpaid, part-time roles with no specific time limit. Internships are normally 3-6 months and full-time. Some internships pay a stipend and free housing is provided for international interns. Some positions can be performed remotely. Fun intern pic 3


Tutor support (Volunteer, on-site):
Tutor support roles involve working in the Education Lab supporting full-time tutors in working with our learners -Supporting full-time tutors with learners who need more individual support. This includes homework assistance, individual coaching for learners who are struggling with concepts and helping to administer assessments occasionally. – Supervising learners in the Computer Lab and assisting with special projects in art, science, drama, sports etc. – Helping to develop a love of reading: managing story-time reading, assisting learners in the library to select books, help learners to read out loud. – Research assistance to full-time tutors: support in developing lesson plans, research and setting up classes. Helping to find high-quality educational content including videos, materials and plans.


The office

Program implementation (Volunteer/Internship, on-site):
A program Implementation role involves ensuring that day to day implementation of the runs optimally. – Working directly with the CEO to oversee all aspects of creating successful day-to-day operations of the Education Lab and flagging any bottlenecks or issues to the CEO to ensure that the implementation of projects continue to run smoothly. – Problem-solving on issues of maintenance, planning, ensuring that proper equipment, resources and technology are available ahead of time for lessons and projects. – Support the CEO in Monitoring and Evaluation of all key components of the Education Lab program with an eye to finding areas for improvement. – Tracking progress on teams conducting minor building works and repairs, implementation of technology, addressing any assisting tutors with planning the implementation of curriculum projects, checking that all data is captured and stored correctly.

Communications (Intern/Volunteer, on-site): Communication volunteers are responsible for maintaining our social media presence and growing our online community of followers. -Creating content (such as pictures, videos and blog-posts) – Curating content (such as interesting articles and posts on education) – Updating social medial platforms: including Youtube, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, WordPress and LinkedIn. – Linking platforms and integrating communications. Growing our social networks. – Assisting with writing thank-you letters, upFun intern pic 2dates and reports to stakeholders. – Help to plan events and fundraising initiatives, including crowdfunding campaigns.

Technology and Programming (Volunteer/Intern, on-site): – Maintain the Raspberry Pi Lab (fix errors, do updates, improve system capability). Install Operating Systems on new Pi’s and install them into the network. – Research the best programs that are compatible with the Pi Lab and our metrics (especially Open Source learning software) and how the Pi Lab can be customized to continuously improve. – Research, develop and implement other high-quality blended learning hardware solutions (tablets, chromebooks or other materials). – Research, develop and introduce coding lessons to be integrated into the school curriculum – Support with website updates and development and launching of Streetlight’s online platforms.

Fun intern pic 1Curriculum Researcher (Volunteer/Intern, remote/on-site): Help us to bring together available Open Source Learning resources that are appropriate for the content and ages covered in the Learning Centre. – Conduct research on different pedagogies, lesson structures and outcomes that could enrich our model: this includes collaborative learning strategies, project-based learning strategies and technology-enabled learning; as well as fostering learner-driven engagements, inquiry-focused curricula etc. – Research best practice in next-generation schools around the world and design implementation of context-appropriate learning strategies in our Education Lab. – Support and assist with assessment profiles, including research on non-cognitive testing methodologies, testing tools for children with specific learning challenges. -Assessment: developing out our innovative testing tool that includes research and implementation on how to measure lateral thinking, cognition, focus, self-confidence, creativity and other non-cognitive skill sets. Assist with an online version of this tool. Conduct tests and monitor implementation of testing profiles.

Fun intern pic 4

Sometimes we get our hands a little dirty…

Business Development (Internship, on-site): – Assist with budget research, cost-evaluation, case studies on growth of other school chains, researching investment opportunities and improving marketing materials – Developing out areas of Streetlight  innovations into stand-alone concepts to go to market. – Finding and develop out unexplored alternative revenue streams within the existing resources of the organisation.


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