Streetlight Schools November Newsletter



We’re pleased to announce the newest member of the Streetlight Schools team, Ms. Heidi Augestad. Heidi will serve as the Principal at the first Streetlight School. Heidi has been dedicated to teaching and education since 1997. She has worked in the education sector in Norway, her home nation, and headed and pre- and primary school in the East African State of Eritrea.

Heidi holds a BA in Social Science, History and Sociology and received her professional teacher training from the University of Oslo. She received her Masters in Education and Development in 2010 from Oslo University College–focusing specifically on comparative education systems in disadvantaged communities in Sudan and South Africa. She conducted her research in a public secondary school in Crossroads, Cape Town.

Please join us in giving Heidi a warm welcome!


What’s been your favourite moment at Streetlight Schools to date?

I have been a part of the Streetlight Schools team for three months now and there have been many great moments. Getting to know the children in the Learning Centre is a favourite moment each time I see them! I am so amazed by their positivity and eagerness to learn and, not at least, how they welcome all new staff with an open minds, big hugs and great smiles.

What surprised you most about the Jeppestown community?

Jeppestown is a community with many diverse challenges. But, I find it to be so much more than that–there are a lot of amazing and inspiring projects happening, initiated by Bjala and Streetlight Schools. Together with the people living in Jeppestown, I believe that the Streetlight Schools will contribute to the inspiring development of this community.

What are you most looking forward to about the upcoming school year?

Ohh, everything! Most of all to see our students engaged in learning and grow confident and happy. There is a lot of planning and preparations that we’re doing now before the 2016 school year starts. It’s going to be really exciting to finally put it all into practice. Our staff will be well prepared to welcome the children in January and to provide them with a school year filled with academic knowledge and creative skills in a safe, learning-focused and child-friendly environment.


The walls are up for five classrooms in our new school. It’s wonderful to see the space coming together nicely for our learners. Construction to date has been a whirlwind and it’s been great to see our plans come to life. See below for a few images of our school in progress!







This year Streetlight Schools is 1000 Drawings’ beneficiary organization. For the past year, artists, the general public, and of course, our kids have created doodles on A5 paper to be sold for R100 each.

Please join us at Night of 1000 Drawings on Thursday, November 19 for the sale of these artworks—100% of the proceeds will benefit Streetlight Schools. All drawings created at the Doodle Session we hosted last month will be on sale, too (see the great write up on the event here)!

More information can be found on Facebook, here. Feel free to share the invitation with friends! You can buy tickets for 19 November here.



Our second annual Crowdrise campaign is underway. Through 21 November we’ll be accepting any and all donations to help make our vision for quality primary school education in South Africa a reality. All donations will go towards the completion of the first Streetlight School, opening in Jeppestown on 12 January 2016.

The campaign will end with the Streetlight Schools 5K Run for Funds through Prospect Park in Brooklyn, New York on 21 November. If you’re a New Yorker, sign up and join in on the fun with your friends! If you know of anyone in the NYC area, please encourage them to participate.

A special thanks to Mohsen Malik for spearheading this effort! As of this morning we’ve raised just over 42% of our $25,000 goal. We’re so happy with the progress so far—help us to reach our goal by 21 November!


Our kids at the Learning Center are getting an education in the art of graffiti thanks to Boyd Hill, a City of Gold artist-in-residence. After a couple workshops on patterns, and spray painting techniques, our learners created a collection of vests and t-shirts! Take a look at some photos from the workshops below, and be sure to take a look at Boyd’s blog for more details.





IMG_7587We need your help, Streetlight family! Every Saturday, from 14 November to 8 January (excluding Christmas and New Year weekend) we’ll be working to get the first Streetlight School in tip-top shape.

Come lend a hand and bring your talents to this wonderful project. Activities will include: painting, installing shelves, setting up classrooms, putting up curtains, doing minor repairs, making cool DIY lights. We’d love for you to be a part of this exciting time for Streetlight. For more info  contact Tyler at 082 457 8647.


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